Craftsman Clothing Ltd.


Our mission has always been to create high quality, timeless garments for individuals that care about craftsmanship and luxe material rather than namedropping a designer brand.However after years of creating, we realize that we may miss the mark. That’s why we're launching CRAFTSFUNDING, where only YOUR ideas become reality. It's a new platform where we share our visions for new products with YOU and we come together to fund them.How it works is simple: we design new products and YOU save 20% by crowdfunding them. The catch? We only deliver them if the campaign meets our goal. This ensures not only that the best ideas make it to production, but we also help reduce waste around the world. Everybody wins!

Limited Collection, Less Waste

With a crowdfunding method, we only make what's completely backed and hits our goal. There's no overstocked inventory.

You Won't Regret What You Purchased

If the product is good, then you won't be alone when you support it. A good project it will create a snowball effect, first winning over friends and early supporters who then share the idea with their networks, ultimately building a giant signal to the wider CRAFTSMAN community. A successfully backed project is proof that you made a great choice, earning you tons of compliments as you wear it throughout the years.

Excellent Value

The CRAFTSFUNDING program is one committed to value and sustainability. Just like our iconic custom outerwear, the price is set to ensure the best quality craftsmanship and materials that will stand the test of time. With each backed product, you help further the narrative of intentional clothing and sustainability, avoiding the cycle of mass market clothing.

Craftsman Clothing Ltd.

Launching APR 22 2021


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