Our Story

Our pursue of excellent quality inspires everything we do.

One Goal: Sustainable Luxury, Finest Materials, Customisable Jackets For The Sophisticated Sartorialists.

We believe in quality, long lasting yet affordable classic pieces.

We offer the most classic flight jackets or safari jackets that are put together with top notch raw materials such as exotic leathers from either Spain or Italy, smooth Italian RiRi zippers, authentic horn buttons and comfortable Bemberg linings by our experienced artisans. For our MTO, the whole process from designing, choosing material, cutting and sewing, pattern-making, producing, doing quality checks to packaging are all done in Hong Kong.

We take pride in the craftsmanship of our artisans with over 40 years of experience,

hence we chose Craftsman Clothing as our brand name. We believe luxury is defined by the time you spend on designing and manufacturing a well-crafted product and the expert hands behind it; thus our goal is to provide our customers who have a strong character, pays attention to details and craves for his own style identity, “sustainble luxury.” Customers are also able to have embroidery options on their jacket lining; be it your name, initials or even a inspiring quote, not only will this make your jacket unique but personal, a discreet secret that belongs to you.

Cortina was founded in 2017 as our sister lifestyle brand that started as a fun project; our first release of RTW Gurkha trousers were produced and cleared within days of launching. Since then we have made our version of Gurkha trousers in Summer Cotton, Winter Flannel And Japanese Denim. As we have more experience in producing RTW pieces, we are slowly launching more items in distinctive style; these are fun pieces we love to wear ourselves.

Many of the fabrics are sourced from Japan with interesting textures and beautiful palettes that we craft them into what we called "sportorial" pieces that blend the best of tailoring and sportswear together.

They are pieces you get to wear when you are off-duty or perhaps even to your office if you work in a creative industry.


Meet Tobe and Tsz

Our founders, Tobe and Tsz, created Craftsman Co. in the early year of 2015 as two "ambitious Hongkies." They met on a local forum in 2004 and have built a lasting friendship since based on shared passion in fashion. From experiences, they noticed trends come and go and there is certainly a price to pay if you want to be "fashionable." Thus they got into classic menswear because there are certain pieces that have stayed around for good reasons, like the suits or leather jackets.

Over the past years, however, the fashion landscape has changed with the invasion of fast-fashion companies which allow consumers to catch up with the latest trends at an affordable price. But of course, you get what you pay for and the quality is far from sublime.

With so many great tailors that provide suits in the world, they have yet to find an outerwear company that provides quality and attractive price at the same time. They were tired of overpaying for jackets that merely have a designer label, and of finding the jackets with the perfect fit. When they asked around, they learned lots of guys were upset about the situation too, so they decided to do something about it.