Introducing, The Perfect Fitting Pants

And now, based on the success of our RTW gurkha pants, we have decided to introduce a MTM program, aiming to launch Fall 2020.  Through this new offering, you’ll be able to customize not only the fabric of your desired tailored pants but the measurements and fit as well! It’s our way of sharing the gospel of  high waisted trousers with the world in an affordable and environmentally conscious way.

No longer will you have to hunt and throw away pants that don’t fit your needs (or the rise you require). You won’t even have to wait for a restock when the sizes are sold out. We’ll make tailored pants especially for you, based on your specifications and taste.  

Get ready for this exciting new offering, ready to launch this Fall.

Craftsman Clothing Ltd.

The Perfect Fitting Pants

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Perfect Fit

With our MTM  program, you’ll never have to worry about sizing ever again. By providing your measurements, we’ll craft the perfect pair of tailored pants you’ve always wanted.

Fast Delivery

We’re committed to bringing you high quality custom tailored pants in the quickest possible way.  you can expect your trousers two weeks from order to door, a delivery time that is unparalleled in the custom menswear space.

Craftsman Clothing Ltd.

Excellent Value

The MTM pants program is one committed to value and sustainability.  Just like our custom outerwear, the price is set to ensure the best quality craftsmanship and materials that can stand the test of time. With a custom pair of pants, you help further the narrative of intentional clothing and sustainability, avoiding the cycle of mass market clothing.

Join us on this movement now!