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We have come to an era of sharing economy,

where we have Uber at our finger tips when we need a ride. Booking an accommodation for your next trip is just minutes away. With globalisation and internet access, things that weren't possible in the past now is.

At Craftsman, quality and value are what drive us

By partnering with the best and trustworthy tailors in the world whom we find that's suitable for our business model, all of us can be benefitted. With the customers being able to enjoy our offline service and the tailors being able to deliver a quality bespoke leather jackets for their customers. 

Our mission is to provide customers an online to offline experience in creating your very own outerwear piece with our competitive pricing and speciality on luxury leather.

Our goal, is to have distributors globally, so customers can get assist onsite and feel the quality of our products in person. Imagine an era where we don't have to overstock on inventories and only make what's needed. 

Email us at if you are interested in creating this new era of movement in the retail industry.