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How Craftsman Clothing Is Building The Modern Men's Essential Wardrobe

The menswear industry is constantly changing and innovating. After years of being aspirational, custom tailoring was finally within reach of the masses, providing gentlemen all over the world with access to high quality cloth and beautiful suiting at affordable prices.  However, the same process was simply not available for great casualwear. So in 2015, Craftsman Clothing was born to fill that need.

For the past five years, we have been dedicated to bringing in the very best in #sportorial fashion. To us, that means versatile pieces with plenty of character that can be dressed up and down as needed for the modern gentleman.  These include things like our famous gurkha trousers or our custom outerwear that have taken the world by storm! However it’s not enough to simply make great, customized garments; we also want to be at the forefront of sustainable menswear.

Jump down to read the top reasons why men all over the world have been trusting Craftsman Clothing to get outfitted for their custom outerwear needs.

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Classically Designed Outerwear

We don’t believe in trends or fast fashion; everything we make is incredibly versatile that will stand the test of time while simultaneously upgrading your style.  You deserve a piece that will be treasured for all time, instead of being discarded at the end of each season.

That is why Classic Design is central to our philosophy, which is why we’ve developed and reproduced the very best pieces of casual outerwear that will round out any gentleman’s wardrobe. Louche safaris, flight jackets and even rare items like Shearling Bombers and Grizzlies are finally at your fingertips. Ready for a creative office or a night out with your best mates.

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Bringing Back the Gurkha Trouser

Originally an old British military piece, the gurkha trouser is one of our most popular pieces.! With it’s high rise, double pleats, straight leg, and unique closure, it’s certainly one of the best ways to stand out in a gentleman’s attire, which is why we’ve brought it back to the modern era.  Producing them in both standard cotton drill and seasonal favorites like linen, corduroy, and denim, they’ve become a staple that fit in seamlessly with our outerwear collection. It’s no wonder men around the world have flocked to them.

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Custom, at Your Fingertips

We believe in the power of custom, so we’ve made it available to you across all of our pieces.  Our outerwear can be custom ordered, where you’re able to pick the material you like for the jacket you’ve always envisioned, from deep burgundy lambskin to the elegant tobacco suede.  In some cases you can even mix the ribbing and shearling colors or choose the monogram to be embroidered on the inside of your jacket.

After picking your materials, you’re then able to tweak even the measurements.  MTO, MTM, and even bespoke are all available to you depending on what your body needs.  The result is a fully customized piece that is made just for you. You’re even able to have your name, initials, or even an inspiring quote embroidered into your jacket lining.  It takes an intentional piece of clothing that we are certain you’ll love for as long as you can.

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Artisanal Craftsmanship

 Great, long lasting clothing will always be made by true craftsmen, hence our namesake.  Our workshop uses artisans with over 40 years of experience to bring you the best clothing possible.  They are the people who breathe life into our designs and your customizations, yielding a garment born of your style identity that is sure to last for all time.  A focus on personal manufacturing is one of our tenants and how we break the mold of fast, disposable fashion.

The Best Materials

The very best designs require the very best materials.  From high quality lambskin to elegant suede in a variety of colors, we ensure that you’re able to pick the top fabrics for your custom garments.  Many of our fabrics are sourced from Japan with interesting textures and beautiful palettes that we craft into "sportorial" pieces that blend the best of tailoring and sportswear together. We’re always on the search for more that are not only fashionable but made ethically as well, to further our narrative of sustainable luxury.


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