The Holiday Collection '22

A crackling fireplace, several glasses of wine and (most importantly) family. The holiday season is just around the corner. A time of celebration and joy - as well as festive dressing. Put away the ugly jumpers and arrive at dinner dressed in proper clothes that will impress even the in-laws.

This year, we here at Craftsman Clothing have done the thinking for you. Lush coordinating sets of casual corduroy suiting and refined long-sleeve knit polos take center stage, creating a tight and focused Holiday Collection for 2022.

The tailoring portion combines two of our all time favorite items: the classic Gurkha trousers and our revitalized Elkann blazer (which is back by overwhelming demand). The polo shirt is an extension of our recently introduced knitwear capsule, now available in a long-sleeve variation. We have taken out all the guesswork so sit back, relax and enjoy that extra glass of eggnog.

Timeless Luxury

Our pieces are designed to be mixed and matched, allowing you to create countless different looks with just a few key pieces.