Made To Order Suede Jackets

There are two things we prioritise more than anything else for our products: timeless and quality. When we started Craftsman with no capital, we didn't have the budget to develop multiple jackets to find the best ones; so we brainstorm ideas and after numerous meetings at our glamorous office (at that time, it was at McDonalds, if you must know) we have come to a conclusion.

Our Grant A-1 bomber and Hemingway safari jacket are two jackets that would cover most of your day to day basis.

Timeless Luxury

As our journey moves along, we have been continually improving and developing our collection. Three years in, we have six jackets which we drew inspirations from six different icons. From pop music sensation, to movie stars or even fictional characters; these are cultural icons that we all know and grew up with.

Seeing them in these jackets not only give us a sentimental value; that they still look amazing to this day proves these are designs that can stay and perhaps, one day you can pass them to your next generations while you are telling them the epic stories you have experienced in these jackets.