Pre Fall 2020 Collection

The new drop from Craftsman Clothing builds upon years of crafting MTO jacketing and iconic gurkha trousers to offer a fully fledged high summer collection. 

As a brand that spearheads the idea of “sportorial” menswear, this collection is truly centered mixing a streetwear vibe with relaxed tailored aesthetic. The pieces are all meant to help you transition from the last days of summer to a cool early fall.

Everything in this collection is made with the highest quality handwork and craftsmanship. Make sure you tag #CraftsmanCo to get featured!

Our Debut Of Gurkha Pants

"Many a stalwart piece of clothing has been forged in the crucible of battle, but few possess such a fearsome reputation as the Gurkha pants. Technical, sartorial and practical, it’s a style that’s been long-overdue for a renaissance, and with silhouettes becoming more relaxed and tailoring more focussed on utility, it seems the Gurkha’s time has come once again." The Rake Online

The Gurkha pants have been around forever but recently even fashion houses such as Louis Vuitton and Polo Ralph Lauren have caught up and releasing their own version. We bring you our version made in three different fabrics to make sure you can wear them stylishly year round.