Why We Don't Have A Black Friday Sale

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are right around the corner and with it come the plethora of deals, discounts, and long queues.  We find it funny that this day of greed comes right before the holidays, where our mind is supposed to be on loved ones rather than trying to cop something at the deepest discount before it’s sold out.  With our latest piece on Investment Clothing, we are reminded that a great brand shouldn’t succumb to this pressure and neither should you. That’s why we're not doing a Black Friday Sale.


Let me explain.  Sales are almost always a marketing tactic, mainly designed to get a customer to buy something that wasn’t selling well previously or to make room for new product.  This is why you usually see them near the end of each season: people won’t buy sweaters in summer or shorts in winter, so those items get priced down to clear them out.  


Now this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it’s bad when applied to fast-fashion or certain designer clothing.  For those brands, prices are inflated at the beginning, so by the time they get to the sale section, they’re still making a good profit. It’s especially bad when you consider the fact that those pieces are made cheaply or without good quality, so while you are getting a “better” price for it, it really isn’t a good buy when you think about it.


This eventually leads to buyers either expecting low prices on the getgo or just waiting until the price goes on sale.  While some may expect sales to work as an introductory tactic to get someone hooked, it really leads to people devaluing the product. It really has been the trend for the past few years, so much so that many brands now revolve on sales and discount codes as the primary way to get business.  It’s also sad since that tends to apply to non-fastfashion brands, which is why we take a steadfast defense against this phenomenon by not doing sales, especially not during Black Friday.


Foremost, we make classic garments that aim to stand the test of time.  By making both our warm and cold weather fabrics available to you year-round (as MTO or RTW), there is no reason for them to go on deep sale to clear room for the next season.  They are meticulously designed to look great year after year, whether you buy them now or in the future. The most we do are limited runs in seasonal fabrics, which are still classic and timeless!


Construction is the second facet of our philosophy.  We source the best materials and keep artisan craft alive through each garment that we produce.  In order to maintain this level of premium quality, our pieces are priced accordingly; we don’t aim to be the cheapest product in the market, but we certainly don’t try to focus on markup.  Also the fact that custom orders are a big part of our offering make a sale improbable to implement.


In the end, we are immensely proud of all the pieces we make, whether it’s in the form of one of our RTW safaris or a MTO A-1 you customized yourself. We don’t believe in sales gimmicks or price tricks to get you to purchase one.  Instead, we respect that you have the ability to choose when is the best time to buy, since we believe that each purchase should be intentional and special to our clients! A great menswear product should always be an aspirational garment that continues the legacy of classic design and artisanal craftsmanship.  We want our clients to have that same mindset.


So no, our products will not be on sale this Black Friday or Cyber Monday. But our workshop is always ready, excitedly waiting when for when you're ready for a real product, free from discounts and deep sales.

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