The Love Affair Between Classic Menswear & Vintage Cars

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Hi The Love Affair Between Classic Menswear & Vintage Cars


If a photo of a well-dressed man propped up against a vintage car has ever caused you to think, “Wow, that man has it all,” then you’re not alone. There’s something about classic menswear and vintage cars that just meshes perfectly. And these two are both sure to be at their peak at Hampton Court Palace this upcoming weekend, 6-8 September 2019, at the Concours of Elegance. Here’s everything you should know about why classic menswear and vintage cars are well beyond what they appear at face value.  


  1. Timeless design


There’s never been a greater compliment in fashion than to be called “timeless.” Dressing timelessly is the ultimate goal and classic menswear achieves that day in and day out. And ironically, the same goes for vintage cars. Despite the fact that people know that they’re old, they have enthusiasts. They draw crowds because they’re never impacted by trends, which is what makes both such great investments.

craftsman clothing g-1 leather jacket newman vintage jaguar e type

Take the photo from above. What year do you think this photo was taken of this young man in classic menswear leaning against this Jaguar E-Type? It’s hard to tell, right? Or our friend Hedi in our GRANT A-1 with the vintage Ferrari. The timeless design and superior craftsmanship (keep reading for more on that in the next section!) make it difficult to place the photo in an era at all. Point taken.

vintage ferrari craftsman clothing suede jacket


@hedisersoub Founder Of @themechanists With A Vintage E-Type In Our GRANT A-1 blouson Exclusive For The Rake

  1. Superior craftsmanship


If you’re buying classic or vintage, you’re already interested in something superior. The vintage look is more unique, less generic, and less mainstream overall. It’s more suitable for individuals seeking something more specific to them as an individual. As a rule of thumb, a vintage car requires more manual input from the driver. The gears, the fuel/air mixture, and the engagement of power to the wheels with the clutch must all be operated manually. These cars were created thoughtfully and powerfully, and it takes a powerful person to operate it. The craftsmanship shows itself in full force the moment you get in the driver’s seats just like it does when you pull your favourite pair of pants or button up your ideal buttery soft leather jacket.

vintage jaguar e type  vintage jaguar e type craftsman clothing suede trucker jacket elvis presley


  1. Competitive pricing


Sure, “competitive pricing” maybe not be the range that you first think of when it comes to vintage cars (or classic menswear for that matter), but when you think about the quality that you’re seeing compared to the typical cars or menswear out there, there’s no contest. Competitive pricing always comes down to the value that you get versus the price that you pay. It can be a balancing act when it comes to vintage cars and classic menswear, but the right deals certainly exist for you out there.  

The Concours of Elegance at Hampton Court Palace is the place to be for all those interested in classic menswear and vintage cars. The love affair between the two has only just begun.

alexander kraft vintage e type concours of elegance craftsman clothing suede jacket the rake

@alexander.kraft - CEO of Sotheby's Realty In Our RAKISH Belted Safari Jacket In Chocolate Italian Lamb Suede (Limited Quantities Left On The Rake Ateliter)

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