The Black Friday 2020 Sale

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COVID-19 has been tough on so many people.  So we hope a little Black Friday sale will help, giving you bit of retail therapy to ensure you end this horrid year looking stylish and ready to take on 2021.

It’s true that last year, I wrote an essay about how we weren't doing Black Friday sales. We still believe that- we don’t like arbitrary sales, especially when garments are intentionally priced higher in order to make the customer feel like they’re getting a good deal during a sale.  Artisan made products and classic design are the tenets of Craftsman Clothing and we try to keep prices consistent and appropriate for the garments that we produce. However, it’s been tough due to this pandemic. 


I’m sure it hasn’t been easy but we applaud the few who make an effort to get dressed and do so with our products. We certainly like to keep active during quarantine. In short, we thank those who decided to support us during this past year.  That is why we’re doing this sale. It’s a bit of a “thank you” to those who want to contribute more to us.  It’s also a great way to get your friends hooked who have been interested in this brand but haven’t made the leap!

The sale is live now through the end of November and almost everything, from our denim gurkhas to MTO suede jackets. Here’s more info on the sale:

20% off (Ends Nov 30) - Core items: Gurkha Chinos, Denim Products, Linen Safari, Cream Corduroy, MTO/RTW suede jackets

30% off - Silk Linen Shorts, Band Collar Shirts, Polos, Assorted Discontinued styles

40% off - Silk Linen M65

The 30% and 40% promotion will remain until the end of 2020.

There are quite a few plans for next year and the proceeds on this will help us continue to grow in our mission to providing sustainable menswear. More collabs. Crowdfunding on special runs of designs.  Lot's of goodies are coming soon.

Feel free to explore the site and take advantage of the promotion.  A lot has been freshly restocked just for this month.  Thank you again for your support! 

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