The Appeal of Good Buttons

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Buttons are funny little things.  Obviously, they’re supremely important in all pieces of clothing (since they fasten almost everything), yet not many people take notice of them!  Most of the time, people are concerned about design details or even the cloth, but we’re here to tell you that buttons definitely matter. To us, at least.


Now, a decent button goes typically goes unnoticed, but you can bet your ass that you’ll notice a bad button. At it’s best, it just feels cheap and plasticky; at it’s worst, a bad button will shatter, forcing you to search for a close match or even replace all the other buttons. Who would’ve known that a small detail could cause so much trouble? That’s why, whether it’s on your shirt, trouser, or your jacket, you’ll definitely want a good button to hold you and your clothes together. But that’s not all it is!


A great button is more than just a sturdy, rounded object that helps close your garment.  When your source the right one, it’s akin to wearing a piece of art that happens to be an essential part of your clothing.  When you look closely at it, you’ll see subtle variances in colors and mottling to the overall finishing, each with its own charm and allure dependent on what vibe you want to exude. It’s similar to a tie, acting as a point of interest with it’s quality and artistic candor; the only difference is that it’s stuck to your jacket and absolutely essential for it to function.  And just like with cloth or hide, where you source from matters. It’s something we take pride in doing as a finishing touch for our RTW and MTO garments.

We take our cues from classic tailoring and opts for genuine horn, found across all of our RTW, MTO, and bespoke garments.  Sourced from Europe, these genuine buffalo horns are have a beautiful matte-finishing which help elevate our “sportorial” outerwear. It shows others that even though you aren’t wearing a suit, you still have that same elegant attention to detail in casual attire.  Our friend Simon Crompton even notes that Saville Row tailors have a predilection for matte horn buttons due to their formality, traditional nature, and how it sets themselves apart from ready-made suits. We happen to share that view.


As of now, we offer a gorgeous mid-brown which helps play off our popular earth tones and even helps ground our bolder color options.  You can find them nearly everywhere from the normal closure buttons to the ones on our pockets, cuffs, and collars for maximum effect. This shade really is supremely versatile and works with everything, from leather and suede to linen; we sourced them specifically for that reason! We are soon expanding our selections to offer more browns, including a lighter one for those who like contrast to a darker hue that is subtle, yet commanding.


In the end, a button isn’t something you skimp out on.  A good customer will appreciate it; a keen client will know it's worth.  Luckily, we give our button sourcing the same attention as everything else we offer.  It’s why we push investment clothing so we can keep the narrative going of artisanally made classic clothing. This means a quality garment, from the cut to the choice of buttons.  Because if you can’t trust your buttons, then how can you trust the rest of the garment?

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