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So you’ve been asked to stay home. Maybe it’s a city quarantine, a curfew, or perhaps a good-intentioned cautionary order from your job to work from home.  I know it can be a bit depressing or even stressful. But we’re here to tell you that it’s okay and perhaps staying stylish while practicing social distancing will be a good move!

I can’t speak for everyone, but creating a great outfit is something that gets me out of bed! Even if it’s a busy or even a boring day at my main job, I can still take pride in the clothing choices I made.  This even expands to when I’m simply hanging with friends getting a drink or running errands on weekends; I make sure that I am confident and happy in whatever I wear. But with the COVID-19 forcing everyone to second guess going out, both for work and pleasure, it gets a bit tough to stay positive, especially since I can’t dress up. But then I remember, I dress for myself and not for others!

A soft suit from the Armoury. Loafers help give it a casual feel.

So obviously, if wearing your favorite suit makes you happy, go for it!.  I mean, if your suit is tailored to fit, it won’t be uncomfortable to put on, especially if you’re going to lounge about in your home office. Soft shouldered suits with wide leg, pleated trousers (with a high rise) has been the lexicon of menswear lately, and they’re tailored to be stylish and comfortable all at the same time. I mean, even if you’re answering emails, video chatting with your coworkers, or even just writing, why not do it in a suit? We all know that wearing a suit has profound effects on confidence and personality, so if we’re stuck at home, might as well make the best of it. But there are always alternatives if you aren’t a suit guy: separates are just fine!



gurkha trousers suede trucker jacket

Even just going for a smart casual look is a great way to live a life inside with purpose.  Popping on your favorite chambray or denim button up with gurkha trousers is perfect for the same work-from-home or a quick supply run for more drinks and food. We especially recommend our denim or corduroy gurkhas for maximum comfort; the beltless waistband and double pleats make it the perfect pant to stay at home in.  All you need next is a cozy cardigan or a light jacket (like our suede safaris) to keep you wrapped around the house, holding your cell, pens, and other work/chore essentials. Or hell, try a turtleneck! It’s minimal, warm, and easy to pop on! Think of it all like a dressed down version of holiday attire.

And in the end, there’s just nothing wrong with pajamas, you just need to wear them with confidence! Remember that you don’t need to stay in gym clothes or a ratty tee shirt and baggy sweats.  A good pajama set in poplin or flannel does it’s best to approximate a suit of sorts or at the very least, a button-up shirt and trousers, just infinitely more mellow. Belgian loafers or velvet Prince Albert slippers would be the ultimate way to lean into the home life, but cheap fuzzy ones will get the job done.  Then as a final touch, if you’re really missing the feeling of a tailored sportcoat, a smoking jacket was invented for the purpose of a gentleman’s loungewear. Even if that’s too rakish, a good robe is a bit more practical and home-worthy! A vintage silk one is probably the GOAT but a wool or flannel piece is just as good and probably even cozier.

Velvet Slippers.

Simple sweatshirt and loafers for reading in the yard!

Once you’ve got your outfit down, you’re ready to stay in with style. Trust us when we say that when you find the home style you genuinely enjoy, you’ll find your mood improved and positive for the future.  Whether you stick with your suit, stay in gurkhas, or own the PJ look, you’ll be able to tackle your supply runs and your virtual meetings. And then when it’s done, you can pour yourself some nice whiskey and light up a cigar to enjoy another binge watch of Peaky Blinders or throw on Goodfellas for some good measure.

Don’t fret gentlemen.  We’ll get through this together and we’ll do it in style, from the comfort of our own homes!

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