RAMBO RETURNS: 7 Iconic Sartorial Moments from Sylvester Stallone

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You know Sylvester Stalone from the smash hit Rocky, which premiered in 1976. You know him as the former Green Beret, John Rambo in First Blood as well as its three successive sequels. You even know him for his role in the more recent Creed films. But do you know Sylvester Stallone, style icon? If there’s anyone who could pull together a flawless outfit – especially during the 80s (an interesting fashion period to say the least) – it was Stallone. Check out his 7 most iconic moments below – including the Rambo field jacket and plenty of outerwear!


Rambo M-65 Field Jacket

rambo field jacket m65 deniro

Ah, the famous Rambo jacket. Stallone’s Rambo M-65 Field Jacket was a traditional military issue surplus from the 1982. It is made of khaki cotton, comes with four front pockets, zip and snap front closure, American flag patch on right breast, "U.S. Army" patch on upper left breast; worn by Stallone as "John Rambo." Stallone stated this is the piece that helped to make the character comes alive, because Rambo is a conflicted character who's at war with his country while fighting his own inner demon. Yet this jacket shows no matter what, his patriotism never fades.


We will soon be releasing this staple outerwear piece this F/W, so you can emulate Stallone. Turn your vibe from chill to tough with this simple addition.


Stallone in Leather

a2 leather bomber jacket paradise alley

Here's Stallone looking mighty badass while playing the role of Cosmo Carboni in the classic American sports film Paradise Alley, released in the year of 1978, sporting the timeless A-2 bomber; also seen on Steven McQueen. Create your own here.

At the New York premiere of Rocky, Stallone rocked a classic leather jacket with a cable-knit sweater underneath. While most stars probably would’ve gone the suit route for this event, Stallone went confidently casual as only a style icon can.


The Ultimate Shearling

stallone rambo shearling jacket g-1 b-3

Stallone knew how to be a trendsetter. The shearling coat has never gone out of style. It is a piece that many designer brands have been reiterating in their own styles seasons after seasons. It is a fairly low maintenance piece that are incredibly warm and rugged. If you like the style, you need to have this piece in your closet. We offer a bespoke option for a B-3 shearling jacket as the one you seen on Stallone here. Alternatively, check out our Newman G-1.

Suit Up!

 stallone suit

There's something about men in suits - or even better - make it double breasted! Stallone's tall and lean figure looks strikingly good in a DB suit. And fear not, as long as you are sartorial inclined, having a perfectly tailored suit will do wonders in enhancing the best of your physiques, and hide your flaws. A well-tailored suit is a must for every man's closet. Have at least one in your wardrobe so you can wear it when the occasion calls for.


Rejoice, It's Time For Overcoats

stallone overcoat camel coat julian

Here, Stallone dons well-tailored three piece suit with laying an overcoat over his shoulders. Topping it off with a newsboy hat. This is such a timeless look and perhaps the costume designers for Peaky Blinders, got their inspirations from?


That's The Way I Wanna Rock & ROLL

stallone suede trucker jacket presley

At (possibly) the Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony, Stallone shows up in a suede trucker jacket, roll-neck, boot- cut jeans and cowboy boots. Again, this 70's look is still relevant today. Haven't you seen the recent hit Once Upon A Time In Hollywood? Brad Pitt and Leonardo Dicaprio were both mastering similar looks. Read why suede jackets are the perfect alternatives for suits and ties here, as we were mentioned by Financial Time's How To Spend It.


The Infamous Henley

rocky iv henley stallone

As someone wise said, the devil is in the detail. To complete Stallone's look, now you can also get the famous henley that Stallone wears in Rocky IV! This is a staple style piece that has been missing in your wardrobe. A henley is the perfect layer under your outerwear that’ll keep you warm with a masculine flair. Shop here.


Final thoughts

Sylvester Stallone recently announced that he’s launching a fashion line based on his box office hits Rocky and Rambo. During the 1980s, he played such a wide range of roles that his style peaked. Who else could be a style icon while being a teamster, mobster, and hipster? None other than Sylvester Stallone. With the re-release of Rambo, let us take a moment to thank Stallone's years of acting and bringing us all these iconic movies. So what do you think? Does Sylvester Stallone deserve to be a style icon? Comment down below and let us know!

Also, this is our first in-house video by our new digital marketing executive Demetrio Levi, Enjoy!


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