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Our newest collection was designed to be simultaneously bold and versatile, fitting into your existing wardrobes while injecting new life into it.  And quite obviously, many of these pieces work well with each other, able to be mixed and matched at will.  Whether you have just one of our pieces, like the gurkha shorts or De Niro M65 field jackets, or you have them all, there’s plenty of style inspiration to be had.

So enjoy a few of these stylish ideas that our Hong Kong team had when shooting the SS20 lookbook. No models here, so you can better envision yourself wearing them. Even if you can’t go outside, you can at least put them on and just imagine yourself on vacation.  And then when restrictions are lifted up, head to the beach resort and have a Negroni.  You’ll deserve it. 

1.  The Melange Field Suit

We love to break the rules here at Craftsman Clothing. And to us, that means you can wear a suit casually- not a formal suit, but a jacket and pant made out of the same fabric.  Luckily for you, we did just that using our new collection.

A “suit” made from our De Niro M65 Field Jacket and its matching pair of gurkha pants is an ensemble you can wear to the beach, a barbecue party, or even just lounge at home.  You can play along with the brown tones with our camel Bruce Lee henley, which is basically an elevated tee shirt thanks to its slim fit and deep placket. If you prefer a bit of contrast, you can keep the henley but try the field jacket and gurkha shorts in the navy or pink melange.  Real men wear color, don’t forget that.

Speaking of color, you can also make the field suit even more casual by using a graphic tee.  We prefer our Style Icon ringer tees, which feature fantastic illustrations by our friend @Amashanov.  The Robert De Niro one from Taxi Driver was the obvious choice, as we’ve stated repeatedly how his field jacket inspired us to create our own version of it

A red beanie helps tie in the red of the shirt, making for some nice color pop. Nice suede belgian style loafers are the perfect footwear for these late summer looks, as they are refined and casual all at the same time. You’ll see them pop up in the other outfits.

2. Break out the Stonewashed Denim

The stonewashed denim gurkha pants are one of our most popular pieces (it nearly rivals the MTO suede A-1 in terms of inquiries) and it’s one of the best choices for warm weather trousers.  It’s more casual than a chino and more interesting than a typical denim jean.  Swapping out the gurkha shorts for the stone washed gurkha pants to break up the field suit is a great way to create a more dynamic look, not just with the different textured fabric but with the colors. The inclusion of the soft blue adds a cooler palette to the fit.

If you don’t feel like wearing the full De Niro M65 Field Jacket, then you can trade it for our new vacation band collar overshirt. It’s perfectly appropriate to wear it by itself, but we love the idea of using it as a light layer, done over the Bruce Lee Henley in off-white. The overshirt has a rainbow multistripe, which actually makes it bolder than the field jacket. Don’t be afraid though- the stonewashed gurkhas help ground in the stripes. This is a perfect look for a second day at the beach; do the field suit first to make a grand entrance.

3.  Go Full Blue with Indigo

If you liked how the stonewashed denim brings in a nice cool hue with its blue, then you’re going to dig these next few looks. And believe us, we love wearing blue in casual wear. Here we bring in our special M-43 Field Jacket, which features a different collar than our De Niro and fun contrast stitching for a casual sartorial spin.  The jacket is made from premium Japanese indigo selvedge denim and has an edgier take than the elegant cotton-silk-linen melange.

The blue indigo is nicely paired with our Jimmy Polo shirt in Marine Blue.  The Jimmy Polo shirt, based on an old polo worn by James Dean, blends the best of vintage detailing with modern rakishness: the restro collar, trim fit, and vibrant Breton stripe make for a cool piece that isn’t your dad’s polo shirt. The marine blue plays well with the darker indigo, accented with a lovely blue bandana. And instead of the stonewashed gurkhas, try our off-white denim gurkha pants for an extra summer kick.  We can’t have a real summer fit without white pants!

For a monochromatic look that uses shorts, swap the white gurkha pants for the shorts, this time cut from the Japanese indigo selvedge. It’s a rugged cloth that softens over time, making it one of the best options for shorts. Instead of the marine blue, try the navy Jimmy Polo to better blend with the indigo. The result is something that seems vaguely formal due to the dark blues and yet casual and easy to wear.

Lastly, we recommend again doing our field suit, just by using our indigo denim. It’s basically the edgier brother to the melange suit we featured at the beginning of this post! Using the De Niro M65 Field Jacket and the gurkha shorts in this darker color provides  a different vibe, one that prides itself on being somber rather than bright and playful.  If the brown field suit is what you wear to the beach, then the indigo field suit is what you wear for your night cap with your date. Negronis work well here too.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the ways we would style the pieces from our new collection. Which one is your favorite? Leave a comment below! Don’t forget to tag us in your IG posts- if we feature it on the feed, we’ll give you $20 store credit.

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