Giving to #AmericasFoodFund & Our Style Icon Ringer Tees

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During quarantine, it’s important to have some perspective. On the surface, it can seem that some of us simply are inconvenienced, have to work from home and unable to go outside.  But that isn’t the full story. The reality is that the world has had a hunger problem and it’s only been exacerbated by the effects of COVID-19, leaving many without the income or means to get food. So like many others, we’re here to do our part!

We love following Leonardo Di Caprio.  Not only is he a terrific actor (who should have won an Oscar long before he finally did for The Revenant), but he’s a huge proponent for world issues.  His stance on environmentalism is something we echo, which is why we started our business on a custom, artisanally made model in order to rally against the evils of fast fashion.  It’s only appropriate that we join him on this latest venture.

#AmericasFoodFund DiCaprio’s latest initiative in the fight to give every American regular and reliable access to food.  Like we said earlier, the situation existed well before the quarantine, but as businesses close, people are laid, off, communities are in need more than ever before. As the site states, they will work to aid  Food supply-chain disruptions, help to distribute meals in ways that maintain the health and safety of all involved, and ensure there is access to enough volunteers.


The GoFundMe page has been live for a little over two weeks, but they’re always welcoming donations.  There’s even promotion going on, offering donors to the cause a chance to have a walk-on part and attend the premiere Martin Scorsese’s upcoming film Killers of the Flower Moon.  While that’s certainly a great prize,  it pales in comparison to what the fundraiser could accomplish in the long run for those in need.

Bruce Lee "Be Yourself Ringer"

We here at Craftsman have also decided to contribute to #AmericasFoodFund with a small promotion of our own! 100% of the proceeds of our exclusive Style Icon collection will be given to this fundraiser! The shirts are made in a vintage style as a ringer, having contrasting ribbing on the collar and sleeve.  The shirts are 100% preshrunk jersey knit cotton, that is lightweight and utilizes durable side seam construction and double-stitched bottom hem.  Perfect for guys who want a tee shirt that has some charm and interest.


With top screen printing quality, the shirts' main feature is an exclusive illustration by our talented friend Andrew Mashanov, using his fun approach to create caricatures of our favorite Style Icons wearing the Craftsman Clothing jackets that they were inspired from.  Steve McQueen wears a great MTO suede A-2; Bruce Lee kicks ass in a henley and gurkha combo; and Cary Grant has his retro-chic A-1. Our favorite would definitely have to be the Robert De Niro tee, which has him wearing the iconic M-65 from Taxi Driver; it’s also the only ringer tee with a red collar!



Robert De Niro "You Talkin' To Me" Ringer Tee

While they aren’t a chambray shirt or a turtleneck, they still are sharp to wear, with a slim fit that works on all body types. It’s been my go-to while I’ve been at home, perfect for a pair of gurkhas or well-worn denim.  Buy yours today and help us give to something important.

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