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You’ve probably heard the oft-repeated phrase “details matter”.  Yes, it may be something you’re tired of espousing, but it’s true and present in everything. Details make the difference between a bland outfit and one that turns heads.  It’s even considered between a bland pizza and a pie that waters your mouth simply by the aroma.  In most cases, it’s something you just don’t notice until you take a closer look. In others, it's extra something you just can’t your finger on.  All you need to know is that details definitely matters, and we’re here to tell you how you can pay attention and try it for yourself.

I mean it’s 2020; it’s time to pay attention to these details and use them to your stylistic advantage!

Details like a softly constructed jacket or a high-rise pleated trouser help makes this traditional outfit much more interesting than typical business wear.


In comparison to streetwear or high-fashion, classic menswear suffers from a bit of a boring streak. Largely, there hasn’t been any big changes to the design of trousers, suits, ties, or even shirts in the past 100 years! So of course to the masses, it’s nothing special. But if you’re in the know, you know that details (both big and small) are what will separate the wheat from the chaff.  It’s the reason why your local lawyer may be a bit too corporate, but David Gandy or Andreas Weinas just look too damn good! The answers lay in the details. And details make you cool.

Looks grey from afar, but once you get closer, you can see a great plaid pattern on the jacket. Even the tie has some texture! 

You see, we’ve come to love details here at Craftsman.  Being around other well dressed people, details really help set you apart and are the essence of true personal style.  It's why we've spent time writing about how to break the rules or exploring all the nooks and crannies of an G-1 or a shearling jacket.  In every case, it's the little things that matter, and they make a garment (or even a full outfit) much more special.  

Image result for james dean polo

Take our Rebel James Dean: he might be in a polo shirt, but instead of being the sporty Lacoste ones you come to associate with rich preps, he opted for one with long sleeves and a great collar.  The general idea is rather normal, but the details are what make it fun! That's why we produced our own, to capture a bit of that sartorial eccentricity that you can't really find anywhere else.  

With all of it's details, a gurkha is much more interesting than a regular chino.

Our gurkha trousers are probably our truest testament to this; we've talked about them before. Sure you could have a regular cotton chino to wear to work, but no one would bat an eye. But add in a special waistband, a higher rise, generous pleats, and a slightly wider opening, and you have something special and certainly different than most other guys out there. It’s not as crazy as wearing dropped crotch joggers but a bit more than the chinos your dad would wear. It’s these details that not only makes your style more interesting but perhaps sparks joy in your clothing since all these details are an intentional choice.


A textured suit, wide peak lapels, and 

The way you approach the details really are endless.  A suit with wide lapels is uncommon and serves to simultaneously separate you from the skimpy corporate suits and build up your visual physique.  A jacket with little-to-no structure drapes differently than most others, and provides a more casual spin on something more traditional. Opting for a one piece collar polo or even a camp collar results in a cleaner look that is also fashion forward. It’s all about subverting the normal by changing a few details! And that’s best done when you’re able to  customize your wardrobe and order exactly what you want.

Camp collars are a fun way to change up your shirt style by adding in vintage, rakish flair that is still sharp.

David Gandy in a textured blue 3PC suit

One of the best details to take advantage of is the cloth, which is obtainable when you go through a custom maker like a bespoke tailor or even us!   And by that I mean more than just picking a color; we mean really experimenting and trying different fabrics! Certain cloth and material have different textures and appearances, where many will notice but only a keen eye will determine why it’s so cool.  Subverting or simply choosing something non-traditional is again the name of the game here.

For example, a slubby linen suit puts a cool spin on tailoring, which is an even better way to make a suit casual instead of simply wearing it without a tie. Corduroy is a casual, preppy fabric, which is irreverently great when made into a military inspired gurkha trouser. Opting for denim or chambray for a shirt instead of a regular broadcloth makes a world of difference.  Or choosing suede for a badass bomber jacket or even a rakish safari is a louche choice that others will definitely notice. Cloth choice is a detail that should definitely not be skimped out on because it opens up so many great choices for you to play with and develop your style.

Suede Jacketing is an elegant touch that is different than normal skin leather.

Textures help make this monochromatic outfit more special.


Texture and color all at play with one of our sample jackets, our Jimmy Polo, and gurkha.

Texture, in both the denim shirt and the weave of the jacket.

So hopefully you now see that details matter!  Some can be as small as a lapel choice or a pleat and others can be as old as picking a burgundy suede or a hearty raw denim.  Even a few rings or a bracelet can spruce up a naked hand. Hell, looking at vintage style (something we recommend for 2020) is also a great way to gain some new insight into what details to change up. 

The point really is to take the classics spin them in a way that will help you stand out and further your personal style. The public may not be able to pinpoint exactly why you look so sharp, but you’ll know. And that’s what matters, that you had the knowledge and intention to compose your attire. Honestly, that control over your style is the greatest detail of all and rest assured, your friends and partners will notice.  Trust us.

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