Cream Corduroy - A Fall/Winter Essential

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Corduroy is one of the best fabrics out there. It’s plush and soft, and yet still retains the ruggedness and strength of hearty cotton; the fact that it has wide wales makes it even more interesting. In a world where classics are getting more attention, we couldn’t be happier to recommend the cloth and unveil a new product for you guys.  After all, corduroy is an essential for a proper classic menswear wardrobe.

So you should obviously know that we love corduroy. We’ve even written about it before earlier this year, when we pushed for the last stock of our corduroy safari suit: a matching set of gurkha pants and a variation of our Hemingway jacket. It’s even smart to wear as separates!

The success of those pieces meant that we at least needed to bring in at least one cord garment this upcoming fall/winter season. However, we didn’t want to just restock the ones we had before.  we wanted to make a pant that we always wish we had: the RTW cream corduroy gurkha pant.

There’s just something special about these new cream corduroy pants. Right away, the light color is a stark contrast to our previous offering which mainly focused on deep blues and browns. It echoes what we love from our spring/summer palette, which is best represented in whites and creams found in our denim and linen gurkhas, both which routinely sell out during every restock (yet another reason to sign up for our email notifications). It only made sense that we evoked that same color for the upcoming colder months.  Its an absolute menswear essential that is classic and timeless.

We also love the vintage vibe from cream corduroy.  Obviously it brings to mind classic ivy and trad style popularized by Brooks Brothers back in the day. Many guys in that cohort like the relaxed, yet durable qualities of corduroy, like Bruce Boyer and myself. Despite the conservative lean, it still has a history of being worn with rather daring outfits in the 1960s-1970s. Just think of the mild flares, chunky belts, and denim jackets that would be worn with corduroy pants.  


However, corduroy can always be modernized.  We’re seeing corduroy make appearances as casual 5-pocket pants to slick, louche bespoke trousers as seen at Drake's or Permanent Style. It was only natural that we make our own entry for the modern gentleman who wants a few extra details to stand out.

Our cream corduroy is a lush wide wale, with a 350g mid-weight feel. The cloth is made into our classic gurkha style, which features a high rise, the iconic self-buckled closure, and  double forward pleats. The model and fit is exactly the same as the gurkha chinos and denims you’ve come to know, so you won’t have to expect any surprises with this new model.  We will say that there is a bit of natural stretch, which may be important as we start to move around in the quarantine world.  It's something different than your typical chino or dress pant.


The pant is incredibly versatile, able to be worn across a variety of outfits a gentleman may create. I can just imagine how louche I could look pairing this with tone-on-tone knitwear and a pair of suede chelsea boots- a bit of a rebellious edge to such a trad cloth.  Or you can play up the ivy and pair it with a sportcoat and your favorite pair of loafers. With this piece of classic clothing, you’ll be able to do anything. Others will definitely notice the wide wales and soft texture; corduroy is definitely a must-have.

Grab a pair of the limited edition cream gurkha pants and be sure to view our other corduroy garments. 

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