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There are some must-have pieces for every man’s wardrobe, and if you’re striving for a casual, yet luxurious style then a suede jacket is everything you’ve been searching for. I personally love the idea of suede – an incredibly versatile material – that’s ideal for a man looking to keep his style unintentionally chic. A suede jacket (when paired correctly) can be so shockingly understated, but at the same time, such a perfect contrasting touch to the right outfit. How To Spend It's Aleks Cvetkovic recent article - Bespoke suede jackets are the new smash hit in menswear also agrees.

Let’s see if I can “per-suede” you that this jacket is missing in your wardrobe.


History of the suede jacket


Suede is a material that originates from the inner surface of animal hides. It is most commonly made from lamb, goat, pig, calf or deer. Different animals make different types of suede. Some types of suede are thicker or softer depending on the shaggier “naps” of the animal itself. It’ll feel and wear differently.

luxury italian suede

Suede became common as far back as the Paleolithic era for clothing and household items. However, in terms of a fashion statement, you’ll have to flash forward to the 1900s to see suede in its prime. The term itself arises from a rough translation from the French phrase “gants de Suede,” which means “gloves from Sweden.” A soft type of suede glove was made in Sweden from suede and imported from France. Thus, the fashion obsession with suede had begun.


Why do you need it in your closet?


So if the craze all started from gloves, what makes this type of jacket so special? Why should I pick suede and not leather? After all, isn’t the leather jacket the classic “go-to” jacket?

suede jackets a-1 bomber safari jacket sartorial

Of course, you can do whatever you please. It is your closet after all, but I find that there’s something about suede that can’t be replaced by leather. While the classic leather jacket is black, there’s a richness of colors available in suede jackets. You have the option to select from. Our classic tobacco is often a favorite but brown, navy or olive are also favorites. Leather is often a hard look, but suede is softer. It compliments a tailored outfit and allows you to demonstrate your style as it adjusts over time.


How do I wear it?


Are you convinced that you might just need to add a suede jacket to your closet? Here are 5 different ways to use a suede jacket with your current wardrobe.

safari suede jacket vintage car classic e type gentlemen style

1. Craftsman's Signature Look 

A BTS from our first editorial shoot with the classic e-type, our model Kaymen is styled in our classic HEMINGWAY safari in tobacco Spanish lamb suede, our mustard colour Gurkha chinos, navy merino turtleneck and Baudoin & Lange Belgian loafers.

italian suede jacket layering men belted safari

2. Embrace Tonal Earth Colours

Menswear enthusiast and @therake contributor @paulluxsartoria has accumulated a huge following on his social media accounts, so he sure knows a thing or two about what makes him look best.

Paul here is wearing our belted safari jacket, which was actually the precursor model of our Rakish Safari; after discussions with The Rake team, we have decided to switch from a double stand-up collar to a shirt collar. Paul's is a bespoke piece that was made in luxurious Italian deer suede, just when you think our standard offering is soft; wait until you feel this deer suede, which we called the cashmere suede.

If you are the guy that has stuck with navy and grey most of the time and want to experience with more colour; try mixing brown, tan and white together, it works and looks very elegant.

david gandy suede jacket craftsman clothing london fashion week safari belted

3. WWDGW - What Would David Gandy Wear?

I couldn't be more grateful with David giving us a huge support by showcasing our RAKISH safari at the London Fashion Week last summer.

Brown is one of the most versatile colour. It works amazing with blue, or tonal as suggested above. To make it even more alluring? Create contrast by mixing textures with brown suede and washed denim. Then finish it with a pair of burgundy boots.

craftsman clothing grant a-1 bomber wei koh the rake suede jacket

4. "Everyone wants to be Cary Grant. Even I want to be Cary Grant."

Our GRANT A-1 has always been a popular choice among our customers. So when Wei-Koh decided to go with this jacket, we weren't surprised.

This striking colour combo with the tobacco Spanish lamb suede and cream ribbing was a choice made by the man himself. It is a piece that was seen on Cary Grant decades ago and still looks amazing today. 

Wei-Koh is wearing it with a sweater and denim during his visit to Venetian. But since it is a suede bomber, the versatility is endless. Try it in a dressier look such as rollneck and trousers; or even throw on a shirt and tie for a breezy casual Friday.

craftsman clothing safari suede jacket deniro olive

5. Lastly, nail the ultimate style hack: the high/low dressing

Paris is a romantic city that can get pretty chilly sometimes. Here Romain is seen in our bespoke safari jacket made in olive Spanish suede. To create more "omph," replace your usual overcoat with a suede field jacket; it is still a perfect office appropriate look with a suit and tie.


So what do you think, are you "per-sueded"? 

Comment below and let us hear your thoughts!

Written By Eric Holmes
"An aficionado who wears his clothes in the most "sartorial workwear" way; read and write all sorts of the finer things in life from menswear, coffee, spirits, traveling and all things vintage. Legend has it he may be the most well-dressed guy in the valley."


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