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After pushing our staples like our MTO suede outerwear and the ever-popular gurkha pants, it’s time to drop some new products for our discerning customers.  It's all about summer, rich casual textures, and looking cool in warm weather, providing a bit of hope for a post-quarantine world where we can go outside and enjoy life safely.  And look fly as hell while we do it!

If you've been following our Instagram, you've probably seen our sneak peeks already, but here's a detailed breakdown of our new collection.  We're very proud of it and we know you're going to love it.

One of the tenets of our approach to menswear is the concept of “sportorial”, which basically is a sartorial take on casual wear. We believe that even when you’re dressed down, you can still look good (but not too formal). Sometimes this means taking the classics and making them more comfortable or even louche, playing with the designs or the fabric to achieve this goal.  And despite all the bad rap streetwear gets, when you look deeper, you actually find that a lot of it is based on the classics, transformed with new additions and contexts.

So for this upcoming collection we did just that, putting some of our favorite designs in new cloth and altering them for the hot weather.  Our styling even takes after old school streetwear, showing that the style and our ideology are linked.  Plus, we think guys look best when they're relaxed and comfortable in their clothing, which we think we achieved in this new drop.

Silk-linen was our favorite cloth of the season and with it’s fun multi-colored melange, provides a rich visual and physical texture that is hard to find in traditional classic menswear. You can decide between blue, pink, or cream, each bold yet wearable for the late summer season.

We couldn't resist making them into our new De Niro M-65 jacket and gurkha shorts, two totally new designs for Craftsman Clothing. You can even wear them together to make a "suit", which is a great spin on traditional clothing. It's edgy, but we like being edgy with the rules. Check out their product pages here and here for more info and colorways.  Blue and cream have been extremely popular so far, but we think that the pink is underrated.  Cop them to get these exclusive color ways.

While the jackets won't be officially launched until early July, you can go ahead and purchase the melange gurkha shorts now! 

The unlined M-65 has also been made up using a washed Japanese indigo denim with a green selvedge.  Most of the time, you can only find these designs in olive green, so making it available in dark blue was incredibly important for us.  It’s something we’ve always wanted!   We’ve already said how much we like blue in casual wear, and you should too. There’s even gurkha shorts available in this Premium Japanese denim well, available for purchase here.

We also designed a special M-43, with its roots in WWII, for the collection as well.  It’s similar to the M-65, but features a wide, flat collar and has contrast stitching for some extra pop. These aren't your typical military field jackets; they've been revived for the modern gentleman with a penchant for elegance and rugged all in one.  Both the linen-silk and denim jackets will be dropping a bit later in early July.

Last but certainly not least, we’re proud to say that we have finally added shirts to our offering. Keeping with the fun cloth theme, we’ve sourced some epic multi stripe cotton-linen cloth, inspired by old 1920s shirting.  Made into band collar shirts, they’re the perfect shirt for casual yet bold summer fashion. They work perfectly with the new gurkha shorts or even with a great pair of our stonewashed denim gurkha pants, which are always much more interesting than regular jeans.

You can grab the new shirts here, available in this red rainbow multi stripe and a blue/cream variation.

We hope you enjoy this new collection as it’s something that we’ve been wanting to share for a long time. Grab them while they’re hot!  And if you like them, we may just bring back the designs and make some new things for the future...

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