6 Easy Last Minute Halloween Outfit Ideas You Can Pull Together

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Halloween is finally here and it’s a great excuse for us to lift some style cues from icons in popular culture. It’s always a good move, as people are guaranteed to notice, just as long as you style it right!  Luckily for us, most of costume ideas use pieces that we should already have in our wardrobe. Now we can show up to our party in the fun Halloween spirit, but also able to look fly as hell. 

1. James Dean

    James Dean is perfect for you guys who lean on the casual side of things.  All you really need is a great pair of jeans or chinos, a white crew neck tee, and a jacket to get that Rebel without a Cause look.  You could go with a red windbreaker, but the expert move is opting for a rust suede one from us in the A-2 model. Don’t forget that candy cigarettes to finish off the costume.

    2. Bruce Lee

    Bruce Lee offers up a variety of different looks, as he was known for his diverse style.  Our white henley with high rise trousers (like gurkhas) and espadrilles would be great to approximate his kung fu attire.  On the other hand, you could wear a wide lapeled suit, boots, and a fun floral shirt collars over the lapels; you’re basically doing a 1970’s outfit with a few extra details!  Orange tinted shades and a great wig would anchor in your outfit as cinema’s kung fu master.
    A rare, early 60s Bruce Lee outfit.

    3. Robert De Nero

    Robert De Niro has had a storied career and with it, you have a lot of options to choose from!  We might caution you against simply wearing a leopard coat, gym shorts, and gloves for Raging Bull, but it would be great to rock a vintage M65 field jacket, aviators, and a mohawk as Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver (bonus for using cowboy boots).  Or if you want to be a bit more formal you can always take colorful inspiration from The Godfather Part II or from his 40+ outfits in Casino. A good middle ground would be to wear a red sweater, chambray button down, and khakis as in Meet the Fockers; I would bring a stuffed cat, a breast pump, and a paper that says “I’m watching you” for extra effect.
    Robert De Niro in Casino
    Taxi Driver.
    Godfather Part II
    All of Robert De Niro's Casino outfits 
    Classic two tone fisherman cap

    4. Tyler Durden

    Tyler Durden is one of our favorites not simply due to his charismatic demeanor but through his iconic personal style. Like Bruce Lee, Durden has a bit of a 70’s vibe which makes it a fun costume to replicate.  Grey trousers (or jeans) and boots are a good choice for bottom layer, while all you need on top is a floral aloha shirt, worn over the lapels in a disco fashion. The leather safari jacket is key, necessitating a nice reddish brown shade; we definitely prefer our model in tobacco.  All you need is a pair of aviator shades and a few bruises and cuts, though you should definitely go with make-up for those ones.

    5. Magnum PI

    If we keep the aloha shirt going, we bring ourselves to Magnum PI, played by Tom Selleck. The masculine detective is a great, easy look to do especially if you don’t feel like wearing a jacket on Halloween! Tuck in your shirt to some light wash jeans, rock some clean sneakers, and throw on a blue dad cap for extra measure.  I’m sure a fake moustache will be fine for our clean shaven readers. If the party doesn’t recognize Magnum, you can always say that you’re Chief Hopper from Stranger Things Season 3.

    6. Marlon Brando

    Ah yes, the GodFather himself.  A tuxedo and red carnation is an inspired choice as always, especially if you bring in a stuffed cat and one of those classic horseheads you see at your local costume shops.  However, I’m not sure if wearing your favorite black tie ensemble would be a great choice for a party, especially if you’re hanging with a younger crowd. A superior option would be to take inspiration from Brando in The Wild Ones. It’s so iconic, even Mutt Williams from Indiana Jones was dressed as a shout out to the Jor-El actor.
    Similar to our favorite James Dean, it really is about wearing a great fitted white tea with some rugged selvedge denim and boots; bonus points if you go with a “ringer” tee that has a contrast collar ribbing.  All you really need is a black leather jacket! A Schott perfecto would be great, though any black leather does the trick. The final touch would be to grab some matching leather gloves and a great cap (a traditional fisherman’s cap does the trick).  Just don’t forget a killer hog to ride up at the party.
    aloha shirt biker jacket bruce lee deniro m65 field jacket fight club godfather james dean leather jacket lee henley marlo brando mganum pi robert deniro sartoria style icon taxi tyler durden

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